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Hello, I am Minister Davenport, a bachelor's of religion holder, and a graduate of Pacific School of Religion seminary. Outside of ministry, I now influence for Jesus Christ behind the scenes reparations consulting around the nation. My forward looking analytics have led to more powerful Jesus-based reparations discussions around the nation. I have talked to religious and spiritual leaders, academics, activists, legislator staff, and reparations task force leaders to influence fast acting approaches for reparations. Now, for the first time ever I am sharing the next big state to launch a reparation for slavery initiative. You get this knowledge and more, for the first time ever totally risk free in my new Reparations Cheat Sheet. To get my insider cheat cheat on the states to come next sign up to be waitlisted. With this  cheat sheet you can position your family to be in place to benefit from possibly multiple huge reparations for slavery packages for blacks injured in 2021 by slavery occurring more than 150 years ago. So sign up today. Every sign-up will get free instant access to me, in addition to the cheat sheet. Discover, what I know, and learn why reparations is aligned with bible based teachings. So now, you know, and knowing is half the battle. So don't wait. Remember, you can get on my waitlist now, at no cost you you. My reparations cheat sheet will provide you insider news way before this news appears in the press or in tweets. In addition, if you sign up today, I will send you updates on paid job opportunities in the national reparations movement. This cheat sheet is 100% risk-free and its a generous offer to those followers of Jesus Christ only. The cheat sheet also includes every reparations package must. With my cheat sheet you can learn whether the reparations package being offered to you is sound, and whether it is given my expert Christian reparations advocate stamp of approval, stamp of rejection, or no comment rating. Do not advocate for a bad, evil, ungodly reparations package. Furthermore, in my reparations cheat sheet you also get expert knowledge from me, a real Christian minister and lobbyist in the 21st century. My expert knowledge will help you determine biblical based world views on whether compensatory, rehabilitative reparations (or both strategies) are best for your state. This is the first time ever I am making this knowledge available to everyday Christians like you. So sign up now for my waitlist. God bless you. 

     If you have any questions please let me know. For a limited time, the first 10,000 signups will be eligible to request a free copy of my reparations for slavery proposal template. This is real world data driven template which can be used by Christians in your state. So please contact me. This template also includes bible scriptures which governs my reparations point of views. In addition, my expert knowledge taught to me by other experts, who have calculated depth of injury to blacks (over the years) is now available to you. Again, this is a first time offering at no cost to you. Again, it took experts years to accumulate this knowledge, but for the first time ever, their knowledge and mine is now available to you. Free of charge. Available to you, in one easy to read cheat sheet. 

Now I will close this letter to you. As you pursue your reparations needs allow God to lead you to forgiveness for your sins. Ensure your repentance for sin is your priority. Ensure the spirit of Jesus is in you. Govern your advocacy for reparations by your faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Lastly, know that even after forgiveness and repentance, municipalities, and state government officials have a duty to make your injuries transformed into right, to whatever degree feasible subject to their budget limitations. So go out blessed knowing God has called for the sick to be healed, and for the injured to be made whole, and above all know:

 None of this matters without God... including reparations. So seek Jesus' gospels first. Decide daily to live for righteousness as taught by Jesus Christ. Please contact me if you are a lost soul. If you have a desire to give your life to Jesus Christ, I am here for you. You have a friend in Jesus Christ, and you have a friend in me. Peace, because peace is profitable. 

Very Respectfully,


Daniel Davenport

Minister Daniel Davenport

We Understand You Ministries

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