Blacks Want Reparations for Police Terrorism in California

Thanks for coming to this website. I am minister Davenport of We Understand You Ministries. I speak for those injured by police terrorism in 2020, and 2021. Spread the word. Please. 

Hello, I am Minister Davenport, a bachelor's of religion holder, and a graduate of Pacific School of Religion seminary. Through Christian ministry, I influence our communities for Jesus Christ. My forward looking analytics will lead to more powerful Jesus-based reparations discussions around the nation.

I have talked to religious and spiritual leaders, academics, activists, legislator staff, and reparations task force leaders. My goal is bringing Jesus' power for quick impact on communal reparations discussion for victims. Now, for the first time ever We Understand You Ministries is leading a Christian citizens led ballot initiative in California.  With this initiative Christians get coordinated leadership support as we build the Kingdom of Heaven during our lifetimes. 

So sign up today and I will contact you directly with more information. God bless you. 


Very Respectfully,


Daniel Davenport

Minister Daniel Davenport

We Understand You Ministries

(Mobile)   1-202-440-9700

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