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Written by: and other lineage members

Reparations for Slavery as a Result of US Government Negligence/Wrongdoing Act Proposal Summary:

The wrongdoer is the US government. The victims are Descendants of American Chattel Slavery who are victims of widespread wrongdoing and the sanctioning of cruelty and terror, violating our own legal precedence, and the denial of our lineage's humanity. This proposal will:

  • Authorizes reparations in $2, 021, 733.33 cash.

  • Authorizes various opt-out initiatives

  • Authorizes protective class status

Note: For support with all your legislative lobbying wants contact our 1-833-511-3311. We change laws in our community to benefit our lineage. 

What Lobbying Team Represents the Victims to US Congress

Who Needs Justice

Youth (age 24 and below), middle age, and elders of our American slavery lineage with bodily harm and injury as a result of American slavery


What Are We Doing to Get Justice

National organizing to pass a federal reparations law

When Does the Organizing Begin, and When Does it Finish

It started already.

When Does the Organizing Finish

It will be finished once those harmed are satisfied with their reparations checks.

Why Are Those Entitled to Reparations Organizing

To change discriminatory federal law to a law of accommodation so those entitled to reparations can get them.  .

Where is this Organizing Occurring 

United States.

How Can You Get Involved

Contact 1-833-511-3311

What Congress Person Are We Connecting With

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

13th District, California

(510) 763 - 0370

What Can You Do If You Have Browsed All Pages and You Still Have Questions

Contact commercial lobbyist Darell Carey, or policy lobbyist Daniel Davenport at: 1-833-511-3311

What Is The Plan to Roll The Funds Out

We are using a Congressional funding process which patterns the CARES Act and Economic Aid Act. 

Will The Release of These Funds Help the American Economy


Will The Release of These Funds Cover the $6.2 Quadrillion Debt for Slavery


How do I get added to our national legislative volunteer campaign 

Click for next steps (link 3)  

How are we supporting our lineage members in California  

We are leading grassroots organizing. We are writing the very 1st commercial legislative proposal for AB 3121 California Task Force. This is represented by a commercial lobbying firm. Note: We will add links to our work on this initiative soon. Check back daily.