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GA Think Fair Act Bill Proposal Cost out data (click here for State of California Bill Proposal)

What is this legislation designed to do: Get justice for Georgian individuals harmed in the past three years by unfair Georgian policies, compensate harmed individuals, eliminate the need for a class action lawsuit between ADOS families & state of Georgia

Is this money taxable: No


Will this money count towards welfare approval or re-approvals: No

Have Georgian claimants been harmed today in this lifetime: Yes

Will this public policy offer financial assistance to families harmed by unfair public policies today: Yes

Are there income restrictions to qualify for this assistance: No

How many Georgians will be eligible for the assistance: an estimated 2, 882, 350

How will this be paid for: the state of Georgia pays over the next 50 years

What is the Georgia estimated revenue for this year: $27.5 billion

What percentage of spending is this proposed budget item: 5.7%

What is the total forecasted budget cost each year: $1.57 billion


What taxpayer pays for this: The highest tax bracket only

Will recipients of assistance be eligible for welfare: Yes

Type of assistant payment options: Installment only

Total paid per year to each assistant recipient: $545.80

Total paid over next 50 years to each assistant recipient: $27, 290.23

What commercial lobbying firm is backing this proposal: DavenportLawLobbying.com

Section A. Who qualifies?

  • Those American Descendants of USA enslaved persons who are traumatized today as a result of discriminatory Georgia public policies in the last three years.