Dear Lineage members,


We are writing our own rules. Then what we want will be lobbied to US Congresswoman Barbara Lee as a proposal for a law. This will authorize our payouts, and protective status. This is in addition to our work on the HR legislation. In addition, here is more good news. I exchanged text with our lineage elder William 'Sandy' Darity early in the am. I reported to him what we are doing. My sense of things is he likes our moves. I told him the first time I spoke with him by phone that I work for the elders. I told him to line me where necessary. This truly is not about me. Its about us, and we.

Then I had to stop doing our lineage work to get some time in with my woman. Relationships with our loved ones matter.

With that said, today is the official start day for the "We Are Writing Our Own Rules" initiative. The redlines have been established. Thanks for all who contributed to that process. 


Next steps is submissions on this page.


update: 10:04 pm eastern time

I am in the clubhouse hosting a room called:


Reparations - Send Policy Templates to

update: 4:57 pm eastern time. Lots of new roles assigned. Thanks to everyone who has been organizing for years. Our efforts to get justice for our ancestors, healing for us, and a new future for our posterity continues. "The struggle continues." I am signing off family, until tomorrow. I have to get back to my personal life. Lol. In addition, we have the zoom meeting scheduled with University of Connecticut's Thomas Craemer. The time is 1pm. We have to end in time, so he can leave his house by 2pm. This is eastern time. Here is the zoom link:

Thomas Craemer like elder William 'Sandy' Darity is one of our  world renown economists who is supporting us. Thomas Craemer came up with the 6.2 quadrillion reparations debt owed by using the 6% interest rate. I have the spreadsheet he used and you can download it here. Also here is the 37 page academic report which explains more. He released this to me the first day we talked: academic report. (Removed in respect to copyrights. Contact Thomas at: Here is his email response to me after our first conversation. Furthermore, be sure to attend the meeting if you can or send a neighbor along. Fyi.. This is set up with a free zoom account (money is tight), so I think the room limit is 100 people. Well I think that is all for the day. Tenisha wants some time, so I better go. Remember this is not about me, its about us, its about we. Peace family. Remember.. peace is profitable. Finally, I will do better at not turning up so quickly. I have to keep this temper under control for our peace, justice, and civil rights work. The sooner we all get treatment for our trauma the better.  (Entry complete at 5:22pm eastern time.)


Submit the link to the Congressional law  you are proposing we use as a template. 

Thanks for submitting!